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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Triazolam is a short- acting benzodiazepine used in the treatment of insomnia. This symptom is very common and is often seen as a side effect of many types of medication.
Introduction: With better health care facilities and nutritional levels the average life expectancy of Indian population has been on the rise over the years. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U. Some countries temporarily withdrew triazolam from the market because of concerns about adverse reactions, mostly psychological, associated with higher dose ranges. Electrolyte imbalance should be corrected prior to initiation of metolazone therapy. Respond to xerostomia sufferers with this enlightening brochure. Thiazide diuretics may induce metabolic alkalosis associated with hypokalemia and hypochloremia; this acid/ base imbalance is effectively treated with potassium chloride replacement. Localized microdontia is far more common than generalized microdontia, and is often associated with hypodontia ( reduced number of teeth). 11 The agents associated with xerostomia and its related problems are summarized in Table 7- 3. Chytridiomycosis is an infectious disease in amphibians, caused by the chytrid fungi Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans, a nonhyphal zoosporic fungus. Miasita toracică a osteocondrozei.
Federal Government. It is generally well- tolerated with a low incidence of serious side- effects. Most of the geriatric population is under long- term medication. Apr 01, · Metronidazole is a very common antibacterial and antiprotozoal with wide usage across the globe, including the least developed countries. Lists the causes of dry mouth and give ways to mitigate it. The most commonly involved tooth in localized microdontia is the maxiallry lateral incisor, which may also be shaped like an inverted cone ( a " peg lateral" ). Medication use is the most common cause of xerostomia in the elderly. Tocilizumab ( TCZ) in New- onset Type 1 Diabetes ( EXTEND) The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. It acknowledges the annoyances of dry mouth while alerting patients to the more serious oral health problems it can cause. Xerostomia is the subjective complaint of dry mouth, which can be accompanied by significant salivary gland dysfunction. Xerostomia, also known as dry mouth, is dryness in the mouth, which may be associated with a change in the composition of saliva, or reduced salivary flow, or have no identifiable cause. Quality- of- life issues such as chewing and swallowing are.

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